What We do

What We do2021-04-09T17:16:52-03:00

Invincible City is a 501- C3 organization which is completely focused on improving the standard of living and the social determinates of health for Black and Brown communities.

Our mission to develop Local food systems has benefits beyond food production.
Job training and education, opening access to markets, and supporting
low-income and marginalized communities can increase racial equity.

Food insecurity disproportionately exists in underserved communities, which often include populations that are minority, immigrant, rural and economically vulnerable. In addition to food insecurity, underserved communities experience lower incomes, degraded environmental resources, lack of land
and homeownership, and exclusion from decision-making on a local, state and/
or national level.

A Broken Food System

IC believes that no one should live in a food desert. The Food industry gives us overpriced food that makes you ill. They burn a lot of fossil fuels contributing to an overheating planet, keeping good food scarce so that demand and prices stay high. And by refusing to place supermarkets in our neighborhoods they leave us to fend for ourselves-


Camden’s Supermarket

No longer will residents in urban food desert locations have to pay high prices for healthy foods, travel for miles on public transportation or have to eat items which contribute to high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and other diet related illnesses.  WE GOT YOU!