Camden Supermarket

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Our Online Supermarket

Our online supermarket is a marketplace which allows you to purchase food and have those items delivered to your home or most convenient delivery location. This marketplace is hyper-focused on nutritious food items and we carry most of your supermarket favorites.

You can shop either on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone app.

Our market is accepting SNAP and WIC.  We carry all the items that are required by these programs- CONVENIENCE has come to your neighborhood!

You choose your items, your form of payment, your delivery date and time from the list of options based on your location. And we will have your items brought to you. We will verify the delivery via an image sent by text. The supermarket is open for delivery seven days a week.

Why Be a Member?

No more standing waiting on: cashiers, buses, your friend with the car, the Uber driver.

No more waiting in huge lines, being out in the cold or rain, no child safety issues,  no benefits shaming, and “mask-free”.

Additional Benefits:

Special Promotions and Discounts, Patronage Points

Buy Camden, for Camden

  • No order minimum required
  • Large assortment of eligible items
  • Items delivery for free

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Become a Member

When you join the Food Club, you become part of our unique, values-driven business, with other Members.

How do I create an account?


How do I place an order?

Your membership builds equity in this minority-owned business and helps us stay on solid financial ground. A full membership is $120 annually, and is good for a year. You can choose to split this up into payments of at least $10 a month.  Your active membership will give you the access to purchase groceries. Also, our efforts more than bring convenience for shopping, we employ friends and family members in your community, reduces carbon emissions and air quality for those with asthma. It supports the farming community so they can make a living selling healthy food. It takes away the dependency and promotes dignity.

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