Invincible City is seeking to lease or purchase farmable land in Camden, Salem, Cumberland or Atlantic counties.

Grocery Store App

Much of our health starts where we live, learn, work and play. Because so many factors influence a person’s health – including environment, lifestyle, access, habits, genetics, and goals – it is important to build a culture where healthy choices are easy for everyone. To address this challenge, Invincible City has designed a new software solution that brings together technology and innovation in the convenience of a smartphone app. Through the Grocery Smartphone App, a user can establish a personal profile and, in turn, receive education, personalized recommendations, and wellness solutions to improve their quality of life.

Leveraging technology to address food insecurity offers the following opportunities:

  1. Utilizes software to generate personalized nutrition programs to bridge the gap between dietary advice from a professional and the user’s daily food choices.
  2. Shares evidence-based nutrition interventions that can dramatically improve health outcomes.
  3. Provides convenient answers to the question “What Should I Eat?”
  4. Identifies unique, area-specific solutions to food access issues within food deserts to achieve more sustainable improvements in food access among underserved populations.
  5. Proposes solutions to food access issues, inexpensively.