Community Impact

Community Impact2021-04-09T10:07:55-03:00

Access to Fresh Produce

IC’s customers benefit from a wide range of meals that they have not had access to in the past or have not been affordable. Ethnically appropriate options will benefit the many diverse subpopulations that call urban food deserts home.

Promoting Healthy Living

The change to a healthy, nutrient rich diet has been shown to:

  • Increase School performance by a full grade level
  • Decrease classroom disruptions by 50%
  • Decrease anti-social and violent behavior by 50%

Urban Agriculture Benefits the Local Community

IC’s plans include replacing city’s industrial pasts with green farming practices, orchards, a bee colonies, and reducing the carbon footprint by growing and buying locally. This is an innovative approach to urban development that respects the assets of the land and mitigates the negative impacts of human growth and has a substantial impact on the community’s health.