Food Desert Solution

Food Desert Solution2021-04-09T10:12:08-03:00

      Ending Urban Food Deserts

All the leading studies on the issue make a clear conclusion. Adding new supermarkets or shopping options into communities will not change a food desert. The recipe is a combination of  increased affordable, healthy food purchasing plus community engagement efforts.

Urban communities like my hometown, Camden, NJ know the difference between carrots, cauliflower and cabbage versus potato chips, pizza, soda and cheesesteaks. First we have to recognize that all these items are for sale in affluent communities as well. The difference is that higher income communities have choice and the buying power to obtain the healthy items easier.

The recipe to the end of food injustice combines additional supply and increased customer engagement. We must recognize that solutions not saviors are needed within food desert communities. As long as the food system can make a profit feeding our children ” food-like” items and we incentivize businesses to grow fuel and not food restricting the supply,  keeping prices as high as possible, not much will change.





The conversation/back and forth over whether they are food deserts or food swamps completely overlooks the “they” the subject is about.



Our agricultural partnership with Invincible City Farms has produced 45 acres of farmland and growing.  This relationship gives us direct farm to customer capacity, and makes healthy organic foods cost effective. IC in partnership with the agricultural production of Invincible City Farms, a farming operation in South Jersey, is dismantling the Camden food desert by using green economy tools, an economy of scale model, new technologies and local influencers.



ICF uses regenerative farming, food safety protocols and season extending greenhouses to ensure that our fresh fruits and vegetables are healthy and available throughout the year.

We also are working diligently to incorporate green energy utilities to strengthen our margins, improve our sustainability and do no harm to the planet.

If you’d like to start using your Food Club membership right away, you can always use the smartphone app or the website, and register!


No urban municipality ever listed as a food desert has ever been removed from that list- Until NOW!